CSF in the media

Here are links to stories, features, articles, etc relating to CSF and its Affiliates.

National President Penny Parkinson has a great article in Autumn 2018 edition of living France, see below


La Semaine du Minervois carried a great story about the CSF Cycle for Life event held in May 2018



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Connexion April 2018 featured the Cycle for Life ride in their latest edition - see it here:https://www.connexionfrance.com/Community/Your-News/One-good-turn-can-he...

Penny Parkinson, CSF National President has written an article about La Ligue and thier connection with Cancer Support France in this local publication. https://anglophone-direct.com/

See this blog about Cancer Support France posted by Martin Christlieb on the University of Oxford Department of Oncology intranet http://www.oncology.ox.ac.uk/article/cancer-en-francais

Activities for Life in Connexions - read here https://www.connexionfrance.com/Community/Your-News/Support-groups-walk-...


. An article in L'independant http://www.lindependant.fr/aude/fleury-d-aude/ 


  • An article in Prospero, the magazine for retired BBC personnelBBC magazine article